Given – The Movie

I have always loved a good surf movie (being that I am obsessed with the ocean & all), but “Given” was so much more.

“Given” isn’t your typical surfer movie. It isn’t just about the swell. It is about a family taking a journey around the world while embracing an alternative lifestyle and surfing along the way.

Here’s a little rundown of the movie & how it stood out to me from the rest:

The Goodwin family, Aamion and Daize, took their two children, Given and True, across the world to experience life with other cultures through 15 different countries.

“If you take a road, and you drive down it, you never know what you might find.” -Aamion

They traveled from their home in Kauai, Hawaii, to countries such as Australia, Iceland, Thailand, Ireland, The US, Israel, Nepal, South Africa, Morocco, Fiji, New Zealand, Peru, Marshall Islands, and Senegal.

The family traveled for a year and gained a new found love for other cultures. To the Goodwin’s, it’s important to live outside of the norm. It’s about breaking out of their shell and bringing positivity into their life through new experiences. Aamion grew up in this lifestyle and it is extremely important to him that his children do the same.

What I loved most about “Given” is that the story is told from the eyes of Given, the Goodwin’s 6 year old son. It’s refreshing to have a different outlook into life through such a small voice in a huge world.

I have always wanted to travel the world, but after watching this movie I had the instant urge to pack my bags and leave right then and there! It’s amazing how different other cultures are compared to what we are used to.

As Given stated,

“When you learn how to walk, you start your own path.”.

I want to experience that through my own eyes. The food, the culture, the atmosphere. All of it!

The most important lesson from “Given” is slowing down and enjoying the life around us. We should open our eyes and wander where our hearts desire. It’s all about staying in the moment and taking it all in.

In my opinion, this world is so large and so vast, we should take the time and money to see it all for ourselves. Money can buy so many materialistic things, but traveling is priceless. The relationships we build with people in different countries will be with us forever, and so will the memories we make along the way.

Life is too short to stay in one place forever. Venturing out and seeing the world someday is #1 on my bucket list. Always has been. I’ve been a few places in my lifetime, but I definitely want to see so much more.

If anyone wants to check out the Goodwin’s journey for themselves, watch “Given” and follow them on Instagram @TheGoodwinWay.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Kara ♥


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