Paw Prints On My Heart

Whoever said that pets are not a part of the family are soooo wrong.

I adopted my big baby, Romeo, 4 years ago last month. It seems like just months ago that I was begging my parents to let me get a dog. Not just any dog though, but my own little shadow.

Seriously, Romeo goes practically everywhere I do. We’re attached to the hip.


When I decided to rescue Rome from the local animal shelter, many people thought I was insane. He was this rambunctious, ornery, rebellious dog in the kennel, but I not once had any issue with him. I really believe that every person has a true connection with at least one pet in their lifetime.

Romeo is mine <3.

He isn’t “just a dog”, he’s my dog.

I rescued him when he was 2 years old, and today he turned 6 ❤ (I got the puppy picture from the shelter I adopted him from). I wish I could have found him sooner, it makes my heart hurt just thinking about the years passing by so quickly. But that is all the more reason to soak it all in while I can.


I’m an animal lover, anyone that knows me personally knows this for a fact. I’m a firm believer in animals having feelings just like humans do. Depression, happiness, anxiety… you name it. They deal with those emotions as well. I have experienced this first hand.

Remember me telling you that Romeo was a rambunctious dog in the kennel? Well… all he needed was a loving home to take him in and spoil him (which is exactly what I do). He was acting out in desperation. All he wanted was to be loved.


Rescue animals have SO much love to give. I wish more people would give them a chance. Everyone wants this brand new puppy for thousands of dollars, when in reality millions – even billions – of shelter animals are euthanized because they cannot find a suitable home. It breaks my heart.

Which is why I believe Romeo and I have such a great bond. I didn’t rescue him, he rescued me. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was exactly what I needed in my life.

He’s the one that is always there when I have a bad day. He’s the one that greets me with excitement and lots of kisses when I get home from class or work. He’s the one that loves me for who I am, no matter what.

He’s the one that left paw prints on my heart <3.

— Kara


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