Life’s a Garden

Some say I am an old soul. I say I enjoy the small things in life.

Growing up, both my parents and grandparents have always had a garden full of veggies for the family to enjoy. Okra, squash, tomatoes, kale, herbs (my personal favorite), carrots, onion… You name it!


Naturally, I too have a love for planting a seed and watching it grow and prosper.

The same goes for life.

Gardening takes a lot of hard work & most importantly, it takes time. Weeds pop up and you have to remove them in order for the vegetables to grow to their full potential.

In life, we have to dedicate ourselves to our ambitions, no matter how long it may take to achieve those goals. Opportunities and people alike walk in & out of our lives and we must decide which ones stay, and which ones should be removed in order for us to reach our full potential.

This does not mean take someone out of your life because they upset you for some silly reason. What I mean is that we should surround ourselves with friends and family that love and support us so that we have the courage and drive to reach for the stars.

In other words, who we surround ourselves with actually does affect our life choices.



One of the most important things (to me at least), is having a support system. Knowing I am not alone and that I have an amazing family to back me up and lift me up when I am down is what keeps me going. ❤

As for growing prosperous crops, they too must have a support system to lift them up. In this instance, it takes the necessities: A soil in abundance of nutrients, water, and sunshine.

Life is like a garden. It takes time, dedication, support, and tender love & care.




One thought on “Life’s a Garden

  1. I totally agree that you are an old soul. And that you are a thinker, a deep thinker and so much farther down the road on knowing than myself. I look forward to learning more from you.

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