Sunday Shenanigans

Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week. It is typically the only day I get to sleep in & drink my morning coffee on the front porch. Bliss.

It is also one of the only days I can snuggle up in my bed and binge-watch Supernatural (guilty as charged). That is, on the days I don’t have studying or homework to do… Bleh!

Throughout the week I feel like I am going nonstop between work and school, so the weekends are usually my moment to catch a breath and prepare for another week to head my way.

Sundays are meant for big t-shirts, Netflix, a good book, and messy hair. It’s called “the day of rest” for a reason — and a very good one at that.

We often find ourselves stressing about what we didn’t get done throughout the week or what we need to accomplish by Monday morning that we forget to sit back and relax and breathe a little. I know I do at least! Which is why I take advantage of any down time I can get my hands on, and what better day to do it than a Sunday afternoon!

This Sunday, my roomie Sam and I decided to spoil our fur babies with a kiddie pool and an outdoor picnic — which they absolutely loved!

IMG_5541 2

Romeo soaked up the sun while Indy, Sam’s baby, splashed around and chased bugs all afternoon. It was a perfect ending to the weekend if you ask me!

As Sunday comes to a close, it’s time to prepare for another busy week ahead and get a good nights rest.

I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend and may your Monday be short!

Until next time…



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